Security in a Box: Digital Security Guide with focus on Activists and Human Rights Defenders but extended to everyone.

Design of the visual identity of the project: Lynn Stuart

Security in a box is a comprehensive digital security guide that has been jointly developed byFront Line Defenders and Tactical Technology Collective, along with a global network of activists, instructors, and experts in digital security.

One of the important aspects to highlight in this guide is the fact that it is constantly updated. Currently in it you can find guides that cover basic aspects of digital security as well as it is useful in identifying tools that allow us to improve the safeguards we must have regarding both physical threats to our devices and digital threats that can be equally important when it comes to detecting the vulnerabilities to which we can be confronted.

Here are some of the tactics:

We hope these tactics are useful for you, on the Tactical Tech project page and Front Line Defenders you will find more tools, here we leave the website of Security-in-a-Box.